Virtual Prescription

We are available to help you achieve your goals using virtual meetings from anywhere using the marvels of modern technology. If you have access to a computer, phone, or tablet, we can assess the environment in which you are working, the tools you have available, and your current state so that we can get you on the road to where you want to be.

We will assess your movement patterns and provide you with valuable feedback on how to refine and coordinate the way your body works. Our goal is to help you maximize the environment your working in, so that you can be successful and productive in your efforts.

Don’t let the limitation of time, equipment, or resources hold you back. Life Prescribed uses your life to prescribe methods to practice and techniques to implement, which will give you the power to achieve success. Scheduling what’s important to you will allow you to collect wins (whether big or small) every day, in the easiest place there is to do it – your own home.

If you feel like you must physically go to a gym or fitness center just to make progress, you’re making it hard on yourself. Having access to a fitness facility is a great asset and we will undoubtedly help you maximize your efforts there, however, if the comfort of your own home is what you have to work with, which is the case for most of us these days, then let’s take full advantage of whats available.

We will assess your goals and the current plan you are implementing to get there. We can then teach you about preparation and recovery which will help you optimize the time you have, keeping your mindset focused on moving forward.

Call or email us to set up a Virtual Prescription so we can get and keep you moving in the right direction!

Your Life Prescribed

Bridging the Gap Between Health & Fitness

We are Bridging the Gap Between Health and Fitness. Healthy living is a mindset that some of us need help developing. It’s about consistently making educated decisions that will keep you moving toward and achieving your goals.