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Lynn McMullin

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting someone that forever and indelibly changed my life leaving a lasting impression and resulting in new ways of thinking.

That moment happened for me when I met Seth on a professional level for an injury that required physical therapy. During those sessions, what I now refer to as the Seth Effect, caused me to explore what else I needed to do to take care of my health and well-being. It was a simple question,

What do you do to take care of your body?

But the Seth Effect caused me honestly to answer it that day. Seth has a gift. A gift that makes people smile, a gift that implants winning thoughts in people’s minds, and a gift of reaching and educating people. Seth can connect with anyone in a room whether standing in front of a large crowd educating and motivating good health, preparing a gym full of people ready to push their bodies beyond their comfort zone, or if it’s with a patient wanting to recover from an injury. Seth naturally motivates, educates and inspires everyone who’s also had the good fortune to meet him.

I hope others get to experience his powerful message so their lives are enriched like mine was the day our paths crossed.