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Debbie Youens

I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Lawrence after surgery for severing my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my right knee. At the time, I didn’t think I would walk properly ever again.  Dr. Lawrence is very upbeat, knowledgeable, and knows exactly how hard to push you to work in gaining strength and mobility back to the area needed. I spent over 6 months with Dr. Lawrence in therapy and feel the workouts each session were what I needed. Some were difficult and he pushed me to the limit and other days when my body couldn’t take it, he knew exactly what I needed. He provided homework that helped in the area needed to improve, e.g. climbing up and down stairs. My company also had Dr. Lawrence come to an all company event to speak about improving your Core along with exercises to help shoulders, backs, legs, and anything else needed to improve your posture to avoid aches and pains while sedentary at work. Dr. Lawrence is passionate about helping educate others on being the best you can be and has a knack for motivating individuals and groups. Months later Employees in my company are still using his catch phrase to help each other with their posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Lawrence!