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Arthur Langham

Whenever I’m at a crossroads, I turn to Seth for his invaluable guidance.

In the many years I’ve known Seth he’s been, among other things, my co-worker, boss, mentor, life coach, physical therapist, counselor, accountability partner, and most importantly, my friend. While I’ve got a good ten years on Seth it feels like he’s an older brother I admire and respect. After spending time with him it’s hard to leave without feeling happy or enlightened – his knowledge and joy are infectious. Seth helped me get rid of both a shoulder and hip issue that had been bothering me for over three years. Before going to see Seth I tried various other things, including an extended period of rest, and none of them worked. I’ve been pain free for weeks now and my mobility and strength are back to where they need to be. In addition to his wealth of knowledge and attitude mentioned earlier, two attributes set Seth apart from others in his field. One is his ability to give (and receive) feedback. In the case of difficult feedback, he’ll tell you something you don’t want to hear and then Jedi mind-trick you into welcoming the feedback; after which you happily discuss the issue in a solution-based manner (assuming it’s warranted). You’ll also get spontaneous feedback where appropriate. Now when I find myself slouching, or in a position I shouldn’t be, I hear Seth telling me to fix my posture, which of course I do. The other is holding you accountable for doing the work he’s assigned you. I’ll get a text or a call at regular intervals to make sure I’ve done what I need to do for the day or week. Without that accountability it’d be very easy to either skip or “forget” to do my homework. I have no doubt that without his “going the extra mile” I’d still be suffering from my injuries.