He who says he can!

Confucius once said, “He who says he can, and he who says he can’t, are both usually right.” Through the rough times, you have to continue to see yourself being successful. You have to never lose sight of your dream and hold onto it, even when it is nowhere to be found and nowhere near being achieved. You have to accept where you are in life and immediately do things that are going to progress you from that point. You have to say you can and more importantly, you have to believe yourself when you tell yourself you can. You have to believe in yourself and in your dream at all costs and at all times. I can. I will. I must. I believe. I will achieve.

It won’t be easy. Nothing worth doing is easy. You have to be relentless. You have to keep moving forward every day. Every day you have to do something that gets you closer to your goals. You can’t be casual about living your dreams and your life. When you’re casual about life, you will end up being a casualty. You must live with some sense of urgency. If you want something, go out and get it? You have to approach every day with furious enthusiasm that is unwavering and matched by none! In doing so, you have to choose to do what is in your own best interest.

Every day we choose to do things that are not in our own best interest. Life is hard and it’s going to hit you in the mouth and try to keep you down, and you are going to actively choose things that aren’t in your own best interest?

The reason most people fail is because they give up what they want most for what they want now.

  1. I want to play my game, but I don’t want to foam roll to get my knee better.
  2. I want to go to a great college, but I don’t want to study for this History test.
  3. I want to get an amazing job, but I don’t want to over-prepare for this interview and do research on this company.
  4. I want to lose weight and eliminate myself from being in this diabetic state, but I don’t want to eat right.

These are all choices based on how you feel now, in the current moment. We must think about the big picture.

  1. How am I going to feel on the sideline when my team is winning the championship?
  2. How hard am I going to have to work to pick my grade up if I don’t focus now?
  3. How nervous am I going to be walking into this interview if I am not prepared?
  4. How am I going to play with my children if I can’t even walk up and down a flight of stairs without getting winded? 

You have to choose what is more important to you. What you what now, that can give you immediate gratification? Or, what you want most that will turn your life into the one you want to live.